Allegheny Pain Management,

Your office is the very best medical office I have ever been to.  Period! From the moment I walked in until my wheelchair ride to my car. The atmosphere of professionalism combined with genuine personal attention impressed me. Your staff was not only sincere, kind, and helpful but went above and beyond to make my visit as comfortable as possible.  You have a wonderful group of dedicated individuals who really work well together for a greater cause.

It is obvious to me that your office environment didn’t just happen, but took a well thought out plan to build this concept. And in this day and age of “rush in and rush out” that indeed is a rare gem.  It was a refreshing experience.

Kudos to all!

You are a standard to be measured by!


Ron P. & Family

In Appreciation

Of the Excellence of Professionalism and Compassionate Care shown by Dr. Michael Drass and his Staff, at Allegheny Pain Management and Allegheny Surgery Center, whose continued endeavor to maintain and increase the Quality of Life, of those under their Care, has without reservation been personally experienced by my Family and myself.

Most Sincerely Yours,

Linda Hudkins, Ashville, PA

Dr. Drass and his staff entered my life in Jan. 2009, after several weeks of excruciating back pain. I hadn’t slept, couldn’t eat, couldn’t walk, couldn’t stand, and made many trips to other places in search of relief, all to no avail. I knew my neighbor had dealt with terrible pain so, in tears, I decided to call him to ask for advice. He knew exactly what to do: call Dr. Drass’s office.

They took my plea for help very seriously. They set up a late night MRI and saw me the next day. I curled up on the floor while waiting my turn for the MRI. The next morning when I went to the Allegheny Pain Management office, I walked through the outer door and saw the sign down the hall. I was sure I could not walk the distance.

The people inside were very nice. I really didn’t care. I didn’t think they could help me. I was desperate and in despair. I hadn’t slept in weeks.

I had a significant disc herniation in the lumbar region of my spine and was treated with a series of Lumber Epidural Steroid Injections.

My first visit was brief. But when I got home, I slept for two hours. That might not sound like much, but at the time I would have chosen a little sleep over a million dollars. The next couple months were rough, for sure. But I knew I was on a good path and in very good hands.

And for the record, I was smack in the middle of the national public issue over tainted steroid shots. But I had all the confidence in the world in these people. Everyone there looked at me when I talked and listened to what I said. They evaluated my comments and asked appropriate follow-up questions to my replies. They made every effort to pinpoint precisely what was happening to me, every single time I went there. They knew their routines but their actions were never empty routines. From the check-in desk where I was asked to show them my driver, to being walked out of the recovery suite on a nurse’s arm, each person was focused on ME. Dr. Drass, my super hero, was focused on my back and all the information his staff had gathered from me. Any large group of people that shows so much care for what they do, I was sure, would be equally careful in administrative matters.

Every person in that office understands pain. And they show compassion and amazing competence.

I am so grateful to my neighbor for pointing me in the right direction; I’m happy for this opportunity to tell you to do what he told me, “Call Dr. Drass’s office.”


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