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Our Patient Bill of Rights summary

  • To expect to be treated with respect, consideration and dignity by competent personnel.
  • To be assured confidential treatment of disclosure of records and afforded the opportunity to approve or refuse the release of such information, except as otherwise permitted by law or requirements by contract for third-party payments.
  • To have access to the information contained in patient’s medical records, unless access is specifically restricted by the attending practitioner for medical reasons.
  • To expect consideration of privacy concerning patient’s own medical care program. Case discussion, consultation, examination and treatment are considered confidential and shall be conducted discreetly with other caregivers directly responsible for patient’s care.
  • To know the name and function of any person from this facility who is providing healthcare services to the patient.
  • To know what ambulatory surgery facility rules and regulations apply to patient’s conduct. This information is available at the reception desk.
  • To expect emergency procedures to be implemented without unnecessary delay.
  • To expect good-quality care and high professional standards that are continually maintained and reviewed.
  • To know names and professional relationships of other physicians who may render care in the absence of the attending physician.
  • To be provided, to the degree known, information concerning patient’s diagnosis, treatment and prognosis. When it is not medically advisable to give such information to the patient, the information will be made available to an appropriate person on patient’s behalf.
  • To request a second opinion regarding proposed treatment options.
  • To expect reasonable continuity of care and to know the time and location of appointments.
  • To have all patient’s rights apply to the person who may have legal responsibility to make decisions regarding medical care on behalf of the patient.


We can help you with scheduling, insurance or anything else you need during your treatment. For an appointment by referral, please call 814.940.2000 or use our convenient online referral form.

If you are unable to keep your appointment, please tell us in advance. We will be glad to reschedule a more favorable time for you. We appreciate your time and consideration and look forward to seeing you.

New patient forms

Once your physcian has made your initial referral to our office, you can click on the links below to download your new patient forms. Please print and complete the forms prior to your arrival. This will speed up your registration.

Insurance coverage

We accept most insurance plans. Please call us to verify whether or not we accept a particular insurance company’s coverage.

Billing and financial questions

Please call us if you have any questions regarding an invoice or other billing matter. We are happy to assist you.

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