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About Allegheny Ambulatory Surgery Center

Many procedures that were once considered appropriate only for inpatient treatment are now being performed successfully in an outpatient or ambulatory setting. Benefits include short stays, more personalized care and the ability for the patient to recuperate in their own home.

Coming to the surgery center

Our center is located at the Station Medical Center. You can be dropped off at the entrance on the Railroaders Museum side of the building. The entrance is wheelchair-accessible. Handicapped parking is available. You will need to check in with the receptionist upon your arrival. Your identity will be confirmed and an ID band will be placed on your wrist. Your photo will be taken and become a part of your electronic medical record. Please have your insurance information with you. You are expected to make your co-payment at the time of your visit unless prior arrangements have been made.


You should have read the information specific to your procedure that was given to you by your physician’s office. The doctor will have you sign an informed consent. This means that you understand the procedure alternatives and the risk and benefits of having it performed. You will be escorted to our patient care areas, where you may be asked to change into a patient gown for your procedure. A locker will be made available for storing your personal items if desired.

If you are receiving sedation or general anesthesia, an IV will be placed.

A nurse will record your vital signs and other pertinent health information. Please have an updated list of your current medications available. When final preparations are completed, you will be taken to the room where your procedure will be performed. Family will be asked to wait in our waiting area.

X-ray will likely be used for your procedure. If you are pregnant or think you may be, tell a staff member as soon as you arrive and especially before having an X-ray taken.

For patients receiving anesthesia

A bed or wheelchair may be used to transport you to the operating room, or you may walk. You may have a monitor placed on your body to measure your vital signs.

You may notice the operating room has very bright lights. If you are cold and we haven’t given you a blanket, please ask for one.

After your procedure

Immediately after completion of the surgery, you will be taken to one of our recovery areas. A recovery nurse will be with you until you have met you discharge criteria. Discharge instructions will be given to you. This is a great time to have any of your questions answered.

As you leave, your driver can prepare to pick you up at our main entrance. Please understand that unforeseen events may necessitate admission to the hospital.

When to call us

Call us with any problems, questions or concerns related to your procedure. After normal business hours, we have an on-call physician.

Call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room in the event of an emergent problem.

Allegheny Surgery Center is a member of the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care. AAAHC

Call us at 814.940.2000 for any concerns or details regarding your upcoming procedure to be performed at Allegheny Surgery Center.


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