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Where great patient care is about great communication and the most advanced treatments for pain

If you live with some kind of physical pain, you are definitely not alone. As many as 90 million Americans live with chronic pain – pain that lasts for months or years at a time. Sadly, most of these folks never seek treatment – despite the fact that today’s treatments are more effective, easier and more comfortable for patients than ever before.

Our philosophy

At Allegheny Pain Management, we are all dedicated to relieving as much pain for as many people as possible – because no one deserves to live in pain. Our mission and philosophy of care are the same: To use all of our training, technology and tools to reduce or eliminate your pain and restore your quality of life.

Compassionate care

Patients appreciate our compassion, commitment, kind-heartedness and dedication. They appreciate our attentiveness and the time we spend with them. They appreciate our staff, most of whom have been with us since we first started practicing. Most of all, patients and their families appreciate the results we are able to achieve – even for those who have not been successfully treated elsewhere.

We use the most advanced interventional pain relief methods available, including pain blocks, injection therapies, radiofrequency ablation, spinal cord stimulation, discography, thermal nucleoplasty, lumbar decompression and implantable pain-relieving devices. So no matter what kind of pain you have, we likely have several options to treat it.

Get just the right kind of attentive care you need at Allegheny Pain Management. Call us today at 814.940.2000 or have your consultation scheduled by your physician through our online referral form.


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